Supporting Micro and Small Enterprises with knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurial orientation to profitably operate and grow their businesses.

AIS offers tailored business development and entrepreneurship training and mentorship to Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MSMEs) and start-ups that provide green energy solutions.They are supported by sharing commercial best practices to build the enterprises core competencies and improve their competitiveness.

Agri Based Extension Information Sharing And Training

With farmer organizations and communities engaged with AIS Increase skill based competences for productive employment and higher income. This is done through training of the village advisors who facilitate TOT trainings to farmer organizations in support to existing government extension services existing in counties.

Corporate Training Programs

AIS is registered by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) in Kenya. Our capacity building solutions therefore abide to the regulations, ethics and professional standards stipulated by NITA. Our focus is to strengthen capacities of individuals and institutions through promotion of value based changes, develop strong professional competencies, and foster learning in order to be more effective and efficient in accomplishing their goals. We offer corporate courses in the following broad areas: Sales Management, Marketing, Customer service and Team work.

Small And Medium Enterprise Development Training

Our enterprise development training program targets entrepreneurs willing to improve their capacity for trade, exports, Investments and access to markets. Our trainings are geared towards preparing, nurturing and growing enterprises to maximize opportunities available in new emerging market frontiers both locally and in the international space.