Focus Areas

Agriculture Value Chain Development

Project: Shift from subsistence farming to commercial farming

Agriculture is critical to unlocking the rural economy. AIS aims to improve household incomes, food security and resilience through bringing agricultural value chain actors together to deliver produce from farm to fork

Our initiatives are as follows:

  •  AIS manages farmer out grower models through organizing farmer contracting, capacity building, quality management and aggregation for specialized markets.
  • Capacity building and Training: AIS offers extension services to farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), Nutrition and improved technologies. This is done through farmer group engagement, field days and setting up of learning sites.
  • Farmer linkages: AIS links farmers to different value chain actors such as input companies, mechanization service providers and produce off takers. The actors are engaged in training and offering agricultural products and services to the farmers who enjoy subsidized rates and better prices through collective action.
  • AIS Digifarm project has been working in Kenya across 8 counties in a partnership model. The main project objective is to transform the lives of smallholder famers to be able to do agribusiness “kilimo biashara”.
  • The project partners working with AIS: (i) Input supply companies, (ii)Insurance agencies, (iii) Farmer Organizations, (iv) County Governments

Program model

  1. Input financial
  2. Capacity development
  3. Market development