Climate launch pad

In partnership with Climatelaunchpad, AIS provides training to eco minded entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas that challenge the current business models.

Going green globally – Empowering eco-minded entrepreneurs with AIS and

In a world grappling with the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental
sustainability, there’s a growing need for innovative solutions to reshape our business approach.
Africa Instore Solutions Limited (AIS) recognizes the urgency of this global issue and has
embarked on a remarkable journey to empower eco-minded entrepreneurs who are eager to make
a difference.
Through a partnership with ClimateLaunchpad, the world’s largest green business ideas
competition, AIS is taking strides in fostering entrepreneurship, promoting sustainable solutions,
and ultimately contributing to the fight against climate change.
What is ClimateLaunchpad?
ClimateLaunchpad is the world’s largest green business ideas competition. It’s a platform and
program designed to foster and support eco-minded entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas
aimed at challenging current business models and addressing climate change sustainably.
The competition is conducted globally and is a valuable initiative for those with groundbreaking
ideas in the clean technology and sustainability space. Participants receive training, mentorship,
and the opportunity to showcase their green business concepts to a broader audience. It's a
significant platform for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in the green and clean tech
Empowering eco-minded entrepreneurs
AIS has made it a mission to empower women and youth farmer groups through
entrepreneurship training. By providing knowledge and resources to these groups, AIS is
transforming the way farming is done and enabling individuals to create green and sustainable
businesses that challenge the current business models.
This holistic approach benefits the environment and opens doors to economic prosperity for
many passionate about addressing climate change.
Collaboration with ClimateLaunchpad
In partnership with ClimateLaunchpad, AIS is at the forefront of training and supporting eco-
minded entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. These ideas are more than just concepts;
they are potential game-changers that address climate change sustainably and impactfully.
The collaboration extends beyond borders, as AIS works closely with national team leaders
across various countries to identify startups with cleantech potential. This commitment to
fostering green entrepreneurship is at the core of AIS’s initiatives, aiming to create a global
network of changemakers.

The impact of AIS’s efforts is nothing short of remarkable. They have supported over 100
startups with eco-friendly business ideas and have facilitated boot camps in several countries,
including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Mauritius, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, and Myanmar.
The extensive reach of these initiatives demonstrates a commitment to making a global
difference. In 2019, one of the startups supported by AIS achieved an extraordinary milestone by
winning the coveted title of global winner in the ClimateLaunchpad competition. This
recognition is a testament to the talent and innovation nurtured by AIS and indicates that the
world is ready for sustainable solutions.
Africa Instore Solutions Limited’s partnership with ClimateLaunchpad is more than just a
collaboration; it’s a movement towards a greener, more sustainable future. By empowering eco-
minded entrepreneurs and promoting sustainable business ideas, AIS contributes significantly to
the global fight against climate change. The achievements to date are just the beginning of what
promises to be a transformative journey in creating a more eco-conscious and sustainable world.