Accelerating the shift from subsistence to commercial farming for smallholder farmers to improve sustainable livelihoods and climate change resilience.

AIS is passionately committed to empowering smallholder farmers and propelling them towards
transforming subsistence farming into thriving commercial agriculture. In this transformative
journey, our goal extends beyond merely improving sustainable livelihoods; we are steadfastly
focussing on fortifying resilience in the face of the daunting challenges of climate change.

Value chain development- Unlocking prosperity across industries

At AIS, we foster smallholder farmers’ and MSEs’ growth and prosperity in various value chains.
Our commitment extends to improving productivity and income levels, creating a pathway
towards sustainable success.

Entrepreneurship- Igniting entrepreneurial spirit

We understand the transformative power of entrepreneurship. That’s why we actively promote
entrepreneurial initiatives through specialized training and advisory services. We aim to fortify
core competencies, ensuring businesses thrive in their respective fields.
We offer business and management training, sharing invaluable best practices to enhance local
operational expertise. AIS’s training on entrepreneurship includes entrepreneurship and
development, sustainable agricultural practices, and clean energy solutions.
Moreover, we champion digital, gender, and financial inclusivity, fostering sustainable business
growth that empowers individuals and communities.

Business Development- Support empowering enterprises for economic

At AIS, we have a strategic vision – to empower local micro and small enterprises in the
agriculture and informal sectors. We recognize their potential and provide them with the tools to
unlock it fully.
Our comprehensive support includes facilitating access to essential business resources, financial
services, skills development, innovative operational approaches, and market reach. Our ultimate
aim is to nurture a thriving local private sector.
We firmly believe that private sector-led growth is the key to accelerating the transition from aid
dependency to sustainable trade and investment. Our support ensures businesses survive and
thrive, generating profits for sustained success.

AIS is committed to nurturing a growing and vibrant local private sector that paves the way for a
future of sustainable trade and investment. We encourage and support private sector-led growth,
striving to achieve high and inclusive results that benefit all.