Accelerating the shift from subsistence to commercial farming for smallholder farmers to improve sustainable livelihoods and climate change resilience.

Value Chains Development

Supporting small holder farmers and SMEs involved in various value chains to improve productivity and income levels. We provide extension services that promote innovative climate smart agriculture practices. Our approach strengthens competitive ability of farmers and small business for greater access to markets.


Promotion of enterpreneurial initiatives through training and advisory in techincal areas to strengthen enterprise core competencies. Offering business and management trainings and sharing best practices to improve local operational know-how. We encourage digital, gender and financial inclusions for sustainable business growth.

Business Development Support

Our strategy is to strengthen local micro and small enterprises in the agriculture and informal sector that exhibit minimum ability to accumulate skills, along with the initiative to unlock their full potential to become fully integrated in the formal economy. We facilitate their access to business resources, financial services, skills development, innovative operational approaches and reach to markets.

A growing and vibrant local private sector is key to accelerate the transition from aid dependency to sustainable trade and investment. Private sector-led growth needs to be encouraged and supported to produce high and inclusive results while generating profits necessary for the enterprises to succeed and thrive.