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Our Solutions

Business Management Consulting

In the local business landscape, there is a clear disconnect between the sales and marketing strategy formulation and execution which result to loss of revenue and ineffective business operations. Our team of consultants leverage their private sector experience to introduce best practices to our clients. We offer solutions and tools in the following critical areas of exposure:
  1. Route to Market (RTM): AIS assists enterprises in designing the most effective and efficient approach for their products reach the targeted markets. Only with a clear RTM model, can an enterprise identify: the specific market channels to follow, sales staff required, how many middlemen to partner with, final product pricing, and infrastructure required to make the business succeed.
  2. Effective Sales / Retail Strategies: We assist enterprises to optimize on effective sales plans to achieve competitive advantage and increase profitability.

Gender Mainstreaming

We work with organizations which champion the participation of women and youth; to voice their concerns, needs and aspirations towards economic empowerment and inclusion. We support interventions that foster gender equality progress and the contribution of women as economic agents of transformation for national development.

Micro & SME Advisory Services

SMEs in general, face various obstacles that limit their long term survival and development.  Poor business planning, limited competitive benchmarking, financial challenges and unstructured sales process are among key contributing factors of high failure rates Micro and SMEs. AIS provides advisory services to assist in mitigating some of these obstacles. Our main areas of advisory services include:-
  1. Entrepreneurship and enterprise development – We provide advisory and training in basic business management skills for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  2. Business Development – We support enterprises to develop market based solutions that increase customer spend and consumption of the enterprise products.
  3. Marketing and Sales Support – We work with enterprises to design effective ways of reaching their target market and craft impactful messaging that trigger call to action. Includes adopting to technology and embracing inclusive strategies.
  4. Mentorship and coaching – We walk with high potential enterprises and entrepreneurs to enhance their systems and processes for development and competitiveness.

Capacity Building and Skill Development

AIS is registered by the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA) in Kenya. Our capacity building solutions therefore abide to the regulations, ethics and professional standards stipulated by NITA.
Our core objective is to strengthen capacities of individuals and institutions through promotion of value based changes, develop strong professional competencies, and foster learning in order to be more effective and efficient in accomplishing their goals.